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A Team Smoothbore - First Place Spring 2018 Potomac Regional


The 13th Confederate Infantry

Celebrating over 64 years of skirmishing with the N-SSA


1st Place A-2 Musket - 128th National

5th Place A-2 Carbine - 128th National


The 13th Confederate Infantry is among the first of the organized teams in the North-South Skirmish Association. Our membership has a rich history spanning some 50+ years of active participation in the observance of the American Civil War, and is represented at every skirmish held on our national range in Winchester, Virginia. Our primary membership enlists from the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. areas, including a few Insurrectionist from Pennsylvania. Membership openings with our team when available, are for those interested in active skirmishing. We offer plenty of help, or advice for the first time skirmisher. As a team, our areas of participation include Musket, Carbine, Pistol, Breechloader, Smoothbore, and Mortar competition.

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